Tailored Implants made of PVDF

Our promise

You can rely on it

What matters to you as a doctor
Textile implants that deliver optimal and efficient patient care. Efficient and uncomplicated handling during surgery. Surgical results that give doctor and patient lasting satisfaction.

What matters to your patients
Textile implants which are virtually undetectable, which provide freedom of movement without discomfort or restrictions and whose long-term functioning can be monitored postoperatively, thanks to visible technology, without further surgical procedures. Long-term solutions which mean they can live free of pain and discomfort.

What matters to us as the manufacturer
Textile implants made of a raw material which we understand completely: PVDF. A production that we have under control from start to finish. Our products are not only tailor-made for the relevant indications or surgical techniques but also been developed alongside surgeons for new and improved surgical procedures.