Tailored Implants Made of PVDF

Tear Propagation Resistance

The multiple meshing technique in warp-knitted* DynaMesh® structures minimises the risk of the zipper effect (once torn, the structure tears further).
The load-specific adapted tear resistance is one of the key properties of DynaMesh® implants.




Conventional mesh

DynaMesh® products are not woven or conventionally knitted, but warp-knitted*.
This technology, unlike any other, makes it possible to make specific variations in the shape and structure of a textile implant, which means that we can construct features with different characteristics in different places within the structure. It is impossible to achieve a more accurate adaptation of implants to the relevant indication.





*Warp-Knitted Fabric
Warp-knitted fabrics are a type of knitted fabric. They are produced industrially on warp-knitting machines via stitch formation from thread systems.