Tailored Implants Made of PVDF


DynaMesh®-HIATUS implants are specially developed for prosthetic hiatoplasty and serve to achieve the long-lasting support and stabilisation of the diaphragm in the region of the oesophageal hiatus.

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When selecting the mesh size, ensure sufficient overlap!

DynaMesh®-HIATUS 07 cm x 12 cm PV610712F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-HIATUS 07 cm x 12 cm PV610712F3 BX = 3 pieces
DynaMesh®-HIATUS 08 cm x 13 cm PV610813F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-HIATUS 08 cm x 13 cm PV610813F3 BX = 3 pieces
Product DynaMesh®-HIATUS
Field of application hiatal hernia
Surgical access laparoscopic
Surgical technique hiatal hernia surgery with implant
Fixation sutures / adhesives / tacks*
Shape stability
Specially Warp-knitted Selvedges
Visible technology
Polymer (monofilament)
Ageing resistance
Tear propagation resistance
No scar plate formation
(Klinge’s classification [8])

* Tacks may only be used if an injury to the pericardium can be ruled out with certainty.
gruene_punkte Applies to all product sizes

Brochure: DynaMesh®-HIATUS

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DynaMesh® Catalogue

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References: Implant Material / Product Design / DynaMesh® visible / Implant Fixation

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References: Hernias

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Shape Stability Under Load
Conventional mesh structures deform under load. Constriction of the mesh in the region of the hiatus may reduce the distance between mesh implant and oesophagus, eventually causing mesh erosion.
DynaMesh®-HIATUS is based on a sophisticated textile design with rectangular pores, which even under load retain a high degree of shape stability.




High Effective Porosity
Mesh implants tend to shrink after incorporation in vivo.
DynaMesh®-HIATUS has a high effective porosity, which ensures that the mesh implant is thoroughly incorporated. During incorporation, the use of the proven and highly biocompatible PVDF polymer ensures that scarring is kept to a minimum. The good incorporation of the mesh implants combined with less scarring leads to minimisation of mesh shrinkage and permanently high flexibility of the incorporated implant.






Smooth, Warp-Knitted Selvedges
If the mesh does come into contact with the oesophagus in spite of all measures to prevent it, DynaMesh®-HIATUS has smooth selvedges that can minimise the danger of mesh erosion.






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