Tailored Implants Made of PVDF


DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN implants serve to support the tissue and stabilise the fascial structures of the inguinal region. They were specially developed for the conventional repair of inguinal hernias according to Lichtenstein and come in a size which fits the majority of patients and can therefore be used immediately without needing to be cut to size.

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When selecting the mesh size, ensure sufficient overlap!

DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN 06 cm x 11 cm PV110611F3 BX = 3 pieces
DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN 06 cm x 11 cm PV110611F10 BX = 10 pieces
DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN 7.5 cm x 15 cm PV110715F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN 7.5 cm x 15 cm PV110715F3 BX = 3 pieces
DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN 7.5 cm x 15 cm PV110715F10 BX = 10 pieces
DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN visible 7.5 cm x 15 cm PV170715F1 BX = 1 piece
Product DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN (1)

DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN visible (2)

Field of application inguinal hernia
Surgical access open
Surgical technique Lichtenstein
Mesh position anterior
Fixation sutures / adhesives
Green line marker
Specially Warp-knitted Selvedges
Visible technology
graue_punkte (1) / gruene_punkte (2)
Polymer (monofilament)
Ageing resistance
Tear propagation resistance
No scar plate formation
Classification (Klinge’s classification [8]) 1a

gruene_punkte Applies to all product sizes
gaue_punkte Does not apply

Brochure: DynaMesh®-LICHTENSTEIN

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DynaMesh® Catalogue

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References: Implant Material / Product Design / DynaMesh® visible / Implant Fixation

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References: Hernias

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can be used both for the right and the left side

For example: inguinal hernia, left side



Less Effort
The elastic zone in the mesh, incorporated by using a special warp-knitting technique, makes it easier for the surgeon to achieve fold-free positioning of the implant.


Less Risk
The special slit design enables tunnel modulation with pressure distribution.


High Tear Propagation Resistance
The high tear propagation resistance at the end point of the slit minimises the risk of mesh rupture.

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