Tailored Implants Made of PVDF


DynaMesh®-PRS implants have been specially developed for pelvic floor reconstruction, in laparoscopic or open surgical technique, and serve to support and stabilise fascial structures, connective tissue and ligaments.
The implants are used in the surgical treatment of the vaginal or cervical stump prolapse, as well as in the treatment of a concomitant cystocele and/or rectocele.

DynaMesh®-PRSProduct RangeUse and PropertiesVideosDownloadsLiteratureInstructions for Use


DynaMesh®-PRS soft (1)
02 cm x 16 cm PV350216F1 BX = 1 piece


DynaMesh®-PRS soft (2)
03 cm x 23 cm PV350323F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-PRS visible (3)
03 cm x 23 cm PV750323F1 BX = 1 piece

DynaMesh®-PRS visible (4)
3.3 cm x 24 cm PV750424F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-PRS visible (4)
3.3 cm x 24 cm PV750424F10 BX = 10 pieces

DynaMesh®-PRS visible (5)
04 cm x 20 cm PV750420F1 BX = 1 piece
DynaMesh®-PRS visible (5)
04 cm x 20 cm PV750420F10 BX = 10 pieces


DynaMesh®-PRS soft (6)
05 cm x 27 cm PV350527F1 BX = 1 piece
Product DynaMesh®-PRS soft
(02 cm x 16 cm) (1)
(03 cm x 23 cm) (2)
(05 cm x 27 cm) (6)

DynaMesh®-PRS visible
(03 cm x 23 cm) (3)
(3.3 cm x 24) cm (4)
(04 cm x 20 cm) (5)

Field of application vaginal/cervical stump prolapse,
concomitant cystocele/rectocele
Surgical access laparoscopic / open
Surgical technique colposacropexy / cervicosacropexy
Fixation on vagina / cervix
Fixation on sacrum
sutures / tacks
Atraumatic selvedges
Shape stability
Defined elasticity
Visible technology
graue_punkte (1,2,6) / gruene_punkte (3,4,5)
Polymer  (monofilament)
Biocompatibility gruene_punkte
Ageing resistance gruene_punkte
Dynamometry gruene_punkte
Tear propagation resistance gruene_punkte
Classification (Klinge’s classification [8]) 1a

gruene_punkte Applies to all product sizes
gaue_punkte Does not apply

Brochure: DynaMesh®-PRS

DynaMesh® Catalogue

Literatur: Implant Material / Product Design / DynaMesh® visible / Implant Fixation

Literature: Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Instructions for Use:
DynaMesh®-PR / soft / visible
DynaMesh®-PRR soft / visible
DynaMesh®-PRS soft / visible
DynaMesh®-PR2 soft / visible
DynaMesh®-PR4 soft / visible

Application Examples:



  • unilateral


  • unilateral
  • anterior/posterior mesh plasty (for concomitant cystocele/rectocele)


  • unilateral

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